Friday, June 3, 2011

Math Work Stations

1. How do you or will you differentiate your math stations?

At this time I grouped my students according to how or what type of instruction they needed. For example, if a group of students needed to work on the numbers 1-10, they would be grouped together. My goal for this coming year is to use the math stations to differentiate the learning.

2. How and where do you keep you math stations?
At this time I do not use math stations. I have a math center that I use during rotations. i pull out needed materials as I use them. I hope next year to really have Math Stations.

3. How (and where) do you keep your math materials organized?

At this time, all over!

Although, they are kindagrouped together.

I have a math cabinet similar to several people

that holds the manipulatives in clear bins that slide into the cabinet.

For my clear bins, I have unifix cubes

sorted and connected in sets of 10

by color, makes it easy to pass
out to students.

I also have blocks, bears, links, and various other manipulatives.

I have all our new math manipulaties still stored and placed in a big tub. The math kits are still together because I have not figured out how I want to use them, seperate them

or just keep them in the kits??? Another one of my

goals to work on. I'm hoping this book party will help

me figure it out.

If anyone has ideas how you have sorted your kits, I would love to hear them!!!

I have enjoyed all the different ideas out there and the pictures. I hope to one day figure out how to do all those cool things.


  1. I'm a fairly new blogger...just started in January. I've learned through trial and error...still figuring things out :) Looks like you're off to a good start! Thanks for hopping by my blog -!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Welcome to blogging!

  3. Hi Karen!

    Thank you for linking up! I'm glad Cheryl was able to help you! She is sOoOo computer smart!

    Welcome to the blogging world!
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