Tuesday, June 7, 2011

smartboard training

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Today was my first training day with the smart board. It is unbelievable what it can do. There are so many neat features. I think of it as a power point and overhead projector on steroids. The different techniques that it can do, the drawing and text pacements, and so many other cool features. If you have been working with a smartboard and know of a good site for lessons and could pass it along... I would appreciate it. I dont mind what grade because I will share them with the other teachers at my school that are getting smartboards too. Thanks.

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  1. I get a ton of stuff from Smart exchange- you can just type that in google. So much great stuff all ready to go!

    p.s. I am trying really hard to get started on this blog thing too. I found out how to direct link in my comments and things. Thanks for the nice message and make sure you follow me too so we can help each other!
    Mrs. Golliver's Class